ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

Camera, Lights, Action

Here’s a fun idea to try with any camera that allows you access to slow shutter speeds. The idea is simple and that is to choose a slow shutter speed, typically slower than 1/4 second and to deliberately move the camera whist firing the shutter. Bright light sources usually work well as they really show the movement. The results are only partly predictable but that can make it fun. If your camera allows it, also try a double exposure as in the image above. The middle part of this image had no movement and was the first in the double exposure sequence. For the secondary or double exposure the camera was moved.

All the images in this post featured the same set of small LED type Christmas lights. The difference in colour tone and feel was due to under or over exposure as well as post production in Lightoom. Typically contrast, saturation , black point and highlight values were changed to get the required result…… basically just messing around. They can make for interesting and abstract type images and can be great to print or simply use as a PC screensaver.