People at work

This image was taken through a shop window in Brescia in the North of Italy. It would’ve been so easy to walk by and not notice the scene. I’ve titled this blog ‘People at work’ but really its a bit more than that in as much as its also people in their work environment. In this instance there’s the dynamic between the workers on one side of the counter and the customers on the other. I choose to shoot in colour as it added to the natural warmth that I associate wth cooking pizza, breads and cakes. There’s a small detail that amuses me too, and thats the couple at the far end of the shop in matching stripy T Shirts. (very cute).

Jo’s Blog of the day

It was minus 6 degrees here on Dartmoor. My little dog (Ella) stepped from the car on to the snow and almost disappeared! The light was fantastic, the air was crisp and all sounds were muted. I had tried to get to Haytor but this was the nearest I got. Haytor was about 3.5 miles away but I’d already passed too many vehicles that had gotten stuck and didn’t want to run out of luck.

A fuji 10mm-24mm lens was used at the 10mm end on a Fuji XT2 mirrorless camera.

Jo’s Blog of the day

Slightly abstract image here. Made up of three different textures. Concrete, water and sand. The colours and contrast have been exaggerated massively to create more impact. The shot was made looking downwards from a seaside carpark (lower left of frame) into the water (middle of frame) with the submerged boat ramp on the right side of the frame. I think though that  knowing this makes the picture less interesting.

Jo’s Blog of the day

On my way back home from a trip on to Dartmoor I turned a corner to see the South Devon lower fields lit up by the sun. The contrast between the snow covered fields and the dark wintery hedgerows and trees looked fabulous. The light gave the landscape a ‘graphic’ two dimensional quality that I thought a monotone approach would suit.

The image was taken on a fairly long range telephoto lens at the 400mm end (equivalent to about 600mm on a 35mm full frame camera)

JO’s Blog of the day

A lot of people ask, what is the best camera? The answer has to be,the one you’ve got with you. Nowadays theres so many many ways to capture interesting images. Sports cameras , mobile phones, Go Pro’s and of course conventional digital and analogue cameras.

This image was taken using my old Go Pro camera in a waterproof housing. I set it take rapid fire stills images. Placed on a cheap little tripod in-between the rocks. As the waves came down the gulley the camera fired maybe about 50 images. This was my favourite.

It’s not what you could call an ‘intelligent’ image. I didn’t really frame it, set exposure values or focus it, but it captured the effect I was looking for. It can be fun to experiment even if thing go wrong. The point here is I wouldn’t have risked placing an expensive camera and lens so close to this fast flowing salt water full of tiny stones, sand and rocks.



Jo’s Blog of the day

I’ve included two images in todays blog. They’re both taken in the theatre from different positions. The main focus of attention is the music director. Whilst the musicians in the orchestra pit have moments where they can relax in between numbers the music director cannot take his (or her) eye of either the score or libretto.

It’s a non stop job where the MD is either directing or following the lib. In the latter case always with a mind for the tempo of the upcoming musical item and/or the technical aspects of the music. The MD is the critical interface between actors and singers on stage and the musicians in the pit. In this first image you see the MD in-between music items but following the libretto in readiness.

In this second shot taken towards the auditorium you can see the MD in full flow controlling excitement generated in the curtain call at the end of the show.

It’s interesting here that a white sheet has been hung behind the MD so that the cast can see his direction more clearly.

Jo’s Blog of the day

This simple shot was taken almost a year ago. The weather had brought everything to a standstill. My wife couldn’t get to work, so by lunchtime we did the only thing we could and that was to dress up warm and walk to the pub. We went the scenic way (also the quickest). This pic was taken on our way to the St Julians pub. This group of trees is known locally as ‘The devils circle’. High contrast shows it off to its best.