People at work

This image was taken through a shop window in Brescia in the North of Italy. It would’ve been so easy to walk by and not notice the scene. I’ve titled this blog ‘People at work’ but really its a bit more than that in as much as its also people in their work environment. In this instance there’s the dynamic between the workers on one side of the counter and the customers on the other. I choose to shoot in colour as it added to the natural warmth that I associate wth cooking pizza, breads and cakes. There’s a small detail that amuses me too, and thats the couple at the far end of the shop in matching stripy T Shirts. (very cute).

Jo’s Blog of the day

I’ve included two images in todays blog. They’re both taken in the theatre from different positions. The main focus of attention is the music director. Whilst the musicians in the orchestra pit have moments where they can relax in between numbers the music director cannot take his (or her) eye of either the score or libretto.

It’s a non stop job where the MD is either directing or following the lib. In the latter case always with a mind for the tempo of the upcoming musical item and/or the technical aspects of the music. The MD is the critical interface between actors and singers on stage and the musicians in the pit. In this first image you see the MD in-between music items but following the libretto in readiness.

In this second shot taken towards the auditorium you can see the MD in full flow controlling excitement generated in the curtain call at the end of the show.

It’s interesting here that a white sheet has been hung behind the MD so that the cast can see his direction more clearly.

Jo’s Blog of the day

If it’s possible to have an ‘iconic’ scene from my hometown of Newport (South Wales) it would possibly be one that includes the Transporter Bridge. It’s one of only two in the UK. An impressive swinging gondola bridge that makes it ‘slow’ way between the east and west banks of the river Usk. It was originally a short cut that delivered workers and goods to and from the steelworks of Llanwern and Lysaghts. Nowadays it’s mostly used as a tourist attraction. Still very impressive though.

Jo’s Blog of the day

The ability to freeze motion using high shutter speeds has always fascinated me. These brief moments can’t always be appreciated in real time.  The short duration of flash can often be used to do this although in this image taken at 1/4000 of a second available light and a high iso was used.. I also set the camera to shoot 18 frames a second.

Jo’s Blog of the day

I took this shot whilst working in the New Theatre Cardiff. It’s a very simple photo. The nature of light in theatre orchestral pits can be very contrasty. This can sometimes lead to real problems but in this particular instance the nature of the light created a sense of subject isolation.

The very limited/narrow depth of field also makes the viewer look toward the subject. Technically it was a real advantage to be be able to capture images using an electronic shutter. Using this meant that photographs could be taken in complete silence.

Jo’s Blog of the day

This photo was taken fairly near to my home. I’d been out taking my little dog for a walk when I noticed a group of youths playing football at our community centre (The Beaufort Centre). There was something about the light, the fence and structures that to my eye simply looked good. I didn’t have my ‘trusty’ Fuji camera with me but did have my iPhone. I probably snapped about 5 or 6 shots but decided on this particular image based on the positions of the youths on the court.

On a completely different front its worth mentioning that these centres are fantastic for everyone in the community. Newport City Council don’t get many things right IMO but this was definitely one of their better decisions.