Image Sequencing

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Above is an example of image sequencing. In my mind to make an image sequence there has to be at least one common feature. In the above there are a number of commonalities. 1. The subject(s) is the same. The activity location is the same. 3. The treatment of the image (in this case High Key) is the same.

The interesting thing from my point of view is enjoying the simple shapes the figures make. All images here were shot on my old iPhone 7 whilst on the beach during the summer.

Example 2. Shot on Fuji X100V.

The English Riviera (Part 2)

This was my second visit to this location and under very different circumstances. COVID 19 has affected everything in the UK and around the whole world of course. Other differences included the time of year and the equipment used. All of these shots were taken during the Autumn half term whereas the first series were taken during the summer and shot on a Ricoh GRiii and processed in Black and white whilst this time I used my Fuji X100V and shot in RAW processing in colour.

The results are very different of course. My remaining doubts lay mostly in the use of colour rather in the different focal length of the lens. The Ricoh has an 18mm lens (35mm equivalent is 28mm) whilst the Fuji has a 23mm lens (35mm equivalent is 35mm). Although the places buzzes with vibrant and sometimes garish colour I find that this can be distracting in terms of the main subjects which are nearly alway people.

The X100V allowed me to be a bit less daring and photograph images from slightly further away and although this is more comfortable for me it also can mean that the images have less intimacy. Below is an example of what it feels like to get in closer in whilst taking the shot.

Ricoh GRiii 18mm lens.

Even though the time of year was later than my first shoot the place was still busy. All the arcades were open as were the bars, cafes and shops. People mostly observed social distancing principles and had their refreshments outdoors.

Below are some images of the day.

The English Riviera (Part 2)
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