First outing with the new Fuji X100V. ‘Down town Newport’

The new X100V is the latest iteration of Fuji’s X100 series. I’d been using the X100f for two years and felt very comfortable with it. My dilemma was whether or not to upgrade. Could the V really be worth upgrading to.

Well the answer is definitely yes, not that the previous version was bad, far from it. The X100f was and still is an iconic street/documentary camera. So why change?

Down town.

One reason is that the 23mm fixed lens has had a major upgrade including two aspherical lens. The lens is basically sharper especially wide open at f2 and at close focusing distances too, something the previous lens suffered from.


Another significant improvement is faster auto focus acquisition. This really is much faster and very reliable. Other pluses include preset zone focusing that offer a choice of two presets or one user set.

The x100V is the first in the series to have an articulating rear screen. This for me is one of the most exciting developments meaning that it’s possible to shoot at waist level. It’s even possible to touch the screen to either focus or focus and shoot.

The list of enhancements are huge and genuinely useful. The camera feels super-charged. If you get the chance to use one, do. You won’t be disappointed.