Totnes Street images

High Street

I normally carry a camera when visiting Totnes as there’s always so many interesting characters to see. The town used to have a large student population (that is many students as opposed to large students) but since Dartington Hall closed its doors in 2010 they have all disappeared. However the town still retains its quirky character and holds on fiercely to it’s independence from the major, national retailers. It boasts a lively and regular market and there’s always lots of ‘artistic’ events going on. It has a bit of an eccentric but happy vibe.

Hurdy Gurdy man.

There’s always an array of music buskers as well as occasionally Poetry and drama buskers. It’s not very often you can see and hear a Hurdy Gurdy busker. This sounded fab btw.



Pictured above are shoppers, friends relaxing over a coffee, shop owners and workers and even a ‘Hairy Barista’ that’s the owner and the name of his coffee shop. If you’re ever in the area have a stroll around and if you can, make a market day it’d be even better.