Street snaps from Cardiff

I popped down to Cardiff this week (Early October 2019) to shoot some street images. Half of the fun of ‘Street’ is that you never know what you’ll find. The above image was taken in the first five minutes. Recently I’ve been using the Ricoh GR111 camera with its 18mm lens (28mm equivalent on 35mm cameras). It’s a fantastic camera and very small and discreet and once setup properly is easy to use. One of the things to remember when using it though is that because of the wide angle often you need to be very close to your subject. This can bring it’s own difficulties as well as rewards. I decided on this particular outing to go back to my trusty Fuji X100f. This camera has a 23mm fixed lens (equivalent to 35mm on a 35mm full frame camera). Many people say that this particular focal length is very similar to our natural eye. It yields a very natural look and allows the photographer to be a little more distant from the subject.

The beauty parlour

Having the correct settings can obviously have an effect regarding successful shots. Being near the correct exposure is important, setting the exposure triangle so you’re fairly near the correct values. I discovered that setting the shutter speed to a minimum of 250th second has resulted in less missed shots due to camera shake or subject movement. Fast autofocus is a must but the next time I’m out I’ll try going fully manual including focus. Below are a few more shots taken during my 2 hour session.

A quick ciggy
The Jehova wittness’s
Mr Big Strides.