Just let things happen.

This street shot was taken in Cardiff a few weeks ago. I have to say from the start that I find ‘Street’ photography both challenging and rewarding. To my mind, my favourite images are where the photographer doesn’t ask permission for the shot. In this particular instance, I knelt low to the ground and simply allowed people to enter my frame. I’d pre-focused on the place where I. estimated my subjects to be and gave myself a healthy F8 or so to give latitude for error regarding depth of field.

When permission is asked for (and if granted) the results are always different and often, (although not always) quite as good. The subject will either pose or be given a pose. Which to my mind makes the image look slightly unnatural and staged. The image below is an example of an image taken a few minutes later of a market stall vendor whose permission I asked.

I like this image but not nearly as much as the candid shots.