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A lot of people ask, what is the best camera? The answer has to be,the one you’ve got with you. Nowadays theres so many many ways to capture interesting images. Sports cameras , mobile phones, Go Pro’s and of course conventional digital and analogue cameras.

This image was taken using my old Go Pro camera in a waterproof housing. I set it take rapid fire stills images. Placed on a cheap little tripod in-between the rocks. As the waves came down the gulley the camera fired maybe about 50 images. This was my favourite.

It’s not what you could call an ‘intelligent’ image. I didn’t really frame it, set exposure values or focus it, but it captured the effect I was looking for. It can be fun to experiment even if thing go wrong. The point here is I wouldn’t have risked placing an expensive camera and lens so close to this fast flowing salt water full of tiny stones, sand and rocks.