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This photo is of our neighbours children in Devon. They’re full of energy and fun. I wanted to capture some of that energy and it was their suggestion to get a picture of them all jumping off the garden bench and table. Even though I gave them all a countdown it proved impossible to get them all to launch into the air at the same time! Anyway I think this was the best image captured.

Technical stuff

I used a Fuji XT2 camera in burst mode (14 frames per second) with a Fuji 10mm-24mm lens. Shutter speed was 4000 sec , Aperture 5.6 with automatic ISO (ramping)

Jo’s Blog of the day

This photo was taken fairly near to my home. I’d been out taking my little dog for a walk when I noticed a group of youths playing football at our community centre (The Beaufort Centre). There was something about the light, the fence and structures that to my eye simply looked good. I didn’t have my ‘trusty’ Fuji camera with me but did have my iPhone. I probably snapped about 5 or 6 shots but decided on this particular image based on the positions of the youths on the court.

On a completely different front its worth mentioning that these centres are fantastic for everyone in the community. Newport City Council don’t get many things right IMO but this was definitely one of their better decisions.

Jo’s Blog of the day

I like the simplicity of this image. I’d gone to Cardiff to take some street photographs. I visited the National Museum which is located fairly close to the city centre and is always worth a visit. There really wasn’t any planning involved, I was climbing the stairs to the upper gallery and happened to turn around to see this solitary figure going up the opposite stairway. The scene seemed to have a sense of balance which to my mind was helped by the bronze figure leaning on his staff.

I rendered the image in black and white as  it gave the photo more of a graphic quality  also colour added nothing to the photograph.