I hate shaving

Shaving….. arrrgghhh!!!

I hate shaving. It’s one of those annoying daily rituals. I shave every morning. Its amazing how consistent I am too. Before I start, I typically wash my face in hot water. I then religiously follow the same sequence of applying shaving foam, first to the right side of my face, then the left, moving on to my neck before covering my both lips  which I then draw a line through….sometimes upward like a smile, sometimes straight like a robot and sometimes downward like a frown. Mostly though I opt for the robot look.

art deco tap

Then the shaving ritual starts. I follow the same routine of dipping the razor into the hot water. Then shaving my face, right side and then the left side, nearly always choosing  to shave my neck before my upper lip. In actual fact its more detailed than this but worse still if I miss a step or try to change the sequence  it makes me feel very uncomfortable!

…more than 30 hours a year..

Anyway, all told it must take me about 5 minutes. Thats 5 minutes every day, seven days a week and not far off 365 days a year (on some rare occasions I don’t shave) totalling on average more than 30 hours a year. Incredibly thats 1 day and  6 hours of non stop shaving………….Please get in contact directly if you’d like to know more about my morning ablutions that include teeth brushing, flossing, beard and moustache trimming, eyebrow plucking, medication(s) and aftershave application.

taps and soap holder

The point here is that tall of the above represents a significant daily ritual. I stand in the same place, facing the same direction, looking at the same familiar objects that are at my ritual site and perform the same operations in the same order everyday.

looking versus seeing,

This got me thinking about looking versus seeing, just as in music there can always be a difference between hearing and listening. All of this led me to consider how well I knew and observed the site of my daily rituals.

I mention all of the above because the very first photograph that had a real impact on me was of something that was very familiar to me.It was something I’d seen and used many times without giving it any real consideration.The object in question was an old GPO telephone door handle. I’ve mentioned this before on this site that the photographer had made me focus, not least of which by excluding any other distracting objects and had managed to make me look and really see that there was something here worth looking at. The way that the photographer had framed and composed the image, the limited depth of field highlighting  certain points of interest had somehow managed to captivate me.

The highly polished, chrome handle simply looked fantastic. The image was beautifully printed in monochrome with deep rich blacks , brilliant whites and a rang of tones inbetween. Remembering all of this I decided to undertake a photo study of my ritual site. I was surprised by the result. The images had made me see elements of familiar and unfamiliar shapes and design.

The ritual site

To take a high resolution look at the images please navigate to the gallery or click here.




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